Mood Swing

by Shkyd

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"Mood Swing" performed by Shkyd.
A song about dancing skills & mental health.


Dancing to my mood swings
Letting minuscule things
Agitate the beat
Untying my shoestrings
Moonwalk on a tilt

Forgive me if I’m off-beat
I can’t stand on my feet
Can’t find a chair to sit
I’m a tango without heels
A ballerina without feels

I used to be good at counting ’til 4
But that was before my mind split in two
One for the dance moods, one for the blues
I used to be good at letting muscles go
But that was before, before

(So I just) dance to the swing of my mood
Dance to the swing of my mood

Bliss & pessimism
Dictating the rhythm
Stuttering heart beat
Low self-esteem season?
Confidence peak?
Same thing

Blues or optimism?
Umbrageous horizons
Troubling my feet
I’m a gaga who’s not free
Vogue dancer standing still
Something’s missing

It’s a psychoreography
I can’t tell if I’m late or on track
With my left leg faster than the right
I’m the worst of all my ennemies
I’m a light beam in pitch black

(That’s why I just) dance to the swing of my mood
Dance to the swing of my mood

Until I'm back for good


released April 5, 2017
Written & Produced by Shkyd
Freely inspired by Lorde's Liability & Kendrick Lamar's u



all rights reserved